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You’re Mobile and so are we! iPhone App now Available!

Posted on - Monday, November 21st, 2011 by admin

Smart phones are getting smarter every day. We just made yours even smarter! Bswarms is proud to announce the launch of its first Mobile App for the iPhone. Now you no longer have to worry about how you are going to check registered attendees or participants into your events.  Use your phone to do it.  Our first release of the App is very simple to use and has some awesome features.

Hive Sync: When you check in an attendee it will sync automatically with your swarm.  When an Internet connection is available, check ins are immediately synced with our servers and to any other devices you’re using at the event.  Whether you are utilizing several phones, iPads or a laptop, they are all instantly synced.

PDF Ticketing: When your event attendees print check-in passes (event tickets) after they sign up for your event, each ticket will have a QR code that uniquely identifies them and allows for easy check-ins at your event.

Multiple Attendee Check-in Options: Our App allows two ways for you to check in your attendees, you can manually find their name in the list of attendees (just like your contact list on your phone), or use the QR code scanner built into the app.  Yes it really is that simple.

Hands-free scanning: No buttons to push, just point and shoot like your favorite camera!

Stop carrying around that bulky clipboard of your event attendee Lists. We have an app for that! This App is just the beginning of the mobile revolution lead by Bswarms.  Stay tuned for the Android version coming in the near future.

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