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The Importance of the Logo

Posted on - Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 by admin


By: Abe Green

You have a brand new product that is about to change the world or you starting the company you always wanted since you was a kid, and you need a great need a logo that people remember, something that can stay in the head of your clients and be as cool like Coca-Cola, Nike or Apple.

So what are you doing? You go to a website and take a logo that is already made by a guy that you don’t know if he had the knowledge of design or just take all the elements from a clip art with a cheap font and made that “logo” you like.

If you are asking what is bad about that, is probably that you are not a graphic designer and you need help to understand all the work to create a great logo for you new brand or company, so like the graphic designer I’m let me explain to you all the hard work that takes to create that amazing logo for you brand.


The client comes with the idea for a logo or no idea and is the moment when you have to do a interview or small questionnaire to find out what he really wants and you can make the best out of that.


We look in the industry itself, history and competitors to find out what they are doing now, what kind of logo are they using so your logo will be better and not something that looks like other brand, something unique that define you.


Pencil, pen, sharpie, computer, every designer make sketches on his own way but is the base for the final result. Sometimes we make 5 great sketches but sometimes we make 100 sketches but this help to the design process. Allows the ideas to take different directions and to present you.


You’ll be presented with a couple of the sketches so you can put you first opinion of the way your logo is taking, but you have to remember that in this moment is just a sketch probably very simple with no color just the idea where are we going to start.


The programs we use you probably had hear of them, photoshop, illustrator and to use it you must know it well, so we take classes for that, practice, tutorials, etc., and all this require time and money this programs are expensive and also the classes, and you must keep taking this tutorials to learn new techniques is kind like a doctor, if you want to keep doing great design we must keep studying.


Is the moment you’ll see two or three final logos and you’ll have the idea of how this will look for you brand, maybe you’ll like one of those logos but no fully so is the moment you give your feedback, we are back to the computer and repeat until is completed.

Every client wants two thing when is about a logo:
1. That logo be as memorable like NIKE, IKEA, Coca-Cola, Apple.
2. Don’t have to pay a lot for that logo.

If you want to had a really good logo a professional had to do it, and as professionals they charge because of they knowledge and skill in the matter, you don’t go to a doctor ask me to check you because you feel bad and after he came with the bill you tell him if he can make a discount, you know because his work is not so hard to do.

The Graphic Designer must be respect like a Doctor, Architect, Engineer, or any other person that spend years studying the subject to be professional, so if you had the best product in the market or the best company you must hire a professional to do it, and don’t go and buy “Logos for dummies” in the book store.




Abe been Art Director in advertising for the last six years, he is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator originally from Mexico. He appreciates the good design, lettering, comics and photography. He recently moved to California for a new adventures and new inspiration. When not making killer designs, Abe is an avid OCR racer and you can see him racing in all type of events throughout the year all over the United States and Mexico. Want more Abe? Check him out below.