1. Create.

    Create events – we call them ‘swarms’ -with our online system. It’s easy to use and FREE for you.

  2. Promote.

    Direct registrants to your swarm with your custom URL,  embed the URL on your website and use our Social Event Promotion System work for you.

  3. Buzz.

    This is the best part. Our system helps create a buzz by rewarding users for promoting your swarm, perhaps even a dangerous buzz. LET our Social Event Promotion System work for you.

About Bswarms

Bswarms is your Social Event Promotional System. We encompass everything you need to make your event successful. Not only is our system FREE to organizers, but easy to use as well.  Once you create your account, you will be able to host, monitor and promote your SWARMS.  Within minutes you will be able to start directing registrants to your customized URL and embed the link on your website.

How it works

You don’t need a dummies guide  to utilize all the benefits of our system.  Once you join the hive, you will be able to create, promote and experience the swarming effect.  Our system starts by:

  • Registering your organization
  • Setting up your swarm (event)
  • Posting your swarm
  • Registrants promote for you
    • They get rewarded for their efforts
  • You create the Buzz words to get your message across

Key Features

The best part about Bswarms is that you are not stuck in the honey.

  • Edit swarms yourself without contacting us to do it for you
  • Customize your registration with easy to use widgets
  • Promo codes, discounts and other pricing options are all managed by you and can be scheduled
  • Copy previous swarms to set up new swarm even faster
  • Did we mention it is FREE to you?
  • Facebook and other social media integration
  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Users can export your swarm to their calendars

Bswarms for Business

Bswarms is a great way to inject your business into the stratosphere of socialization.  Let our thousands of registrants help promote your swarm and create the awareness you need to be successful.  It doesn’t matter what type of business you run — our honeycomb technology allows a seamless integration with your marketing, giving you the look and feel you need.  So whether you are organizing a trade show or conference, book launch, charity dinner or a 5k run, Bswarms is all you need.

Benefits to Organizers:

  • Easy step by step instructions
  • You can customize your registration
  • You can customize your brand
  • Quick communication with users: SMS, Email, Voice Mail
  • Secure user data
  • Real time statistical information on your swarm
  • Import previous registration data
  • Easily export all your data
  • 99.9% up-time guaranteed
  • No merchant account needed