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quickAnd Easy Setup

Create Your Account
Getting started is quick and easy. 60 seconds is all you’ll need to create your account in Bswarms!

Setup Your Organization

Managing events for several organizations is simple with Bswarms. “Organizations” are the Bswarms way of separating and keeping track of different kinds of events that you host. Creating an organization is just as quick as creating your main account!

Start Swarmin’
Your events, otherwise known as “Swarms”, is where the magic is. Our step-by-step swarm setup process gets you ready to accept registrations all in a matter of minutes.

comprehensiveManagement Tools

Easy Navigation
Ever look at an application and sigh because you are not sure where to begin? We purposely created few but very comprehensive menus to make it simple and easy to use Bswarms. Everything you need to edit/create your swarm is just a click or two away. You will be navigating at speeds you never thought possible.

Real Time Statistics
Get an up-to-the-minute look at how well your swarms are performing all from within Bswarms. View key performance indicators such as your daily registrations, your swarm attendance progress, and a total revenue report, just to name a few. You’ll find yourself mesmerized by the comprehensive dashboard view.

Quick User Communication

Communication is key! So we gave you a set of powerful communications tools to stay in touch with your swarm’s participants. Use email, SMS and voice-mail to send updates, notifications, or just say hello!

No Hassle Data Download

Besides the actual event itself, there is nothing more important than your data. Not only is downloading your data key, so is the time required to get the data. No long waits or going through a difficult process… Simply click the download button and export your data. Yes it’s really that simple! Download tens of thousands of registrant data in a matter of seconds!

customizedLanding Pages

Customizable Registration Forms
Need to ask your potential participants additional questions during registration? How about offering additional options to increase your revenues? No Problem! We made it simple to customize your Swarm’s registration form. Our Drag & Drop technology will have you swarming in no time.

We know the perception of your brand is very important, so we allow you to easily customize your registration landing page down to your company logo, corporate colors and your own custom graphics.

Real-Time Background Customizer
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s good when you can see that beauty in real time. Use our on-page background customizer to quickly change the look and feel of your swarm registration page.