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The T3 Classic!

The Basics

This event starts on Saturday Apr 27th 2019 @ 7:30 am.

The Buzz

Slightly over 100 people hold the coveted rank of elite in Team Regiment. Do you have what it takes to earn your red R and become uncommon among uncommon people? Whether you think you can or cannot, you're right.
The T3 is an 11-15 hour, 15+ mile team-building ruck, swim, and obstacle run themed event that is divided into five different laps that train, test and challenge every aspect of your mind and body. This event is designed to prepare you for big events that typically span into the 15+ hour range and the 30+ mile distance but for a small fraction of the price. Think of it as a sampler dish with various elements of big events put into one big "training" event. Sound like your cup of tea? The trials you will endure are as follows:
Lap 1 - Water PT
Lap 2 - Feats of strength
Lap 3 - Feats of endurance
Lap 4 - Feats of camaraderie
Lap 5 - Feats of intellect

This time, we return to the venue where the T3 began - literally in the founder's neighborhood.

Aspiring and returning elites are expected to bring a backpack/ruck consisting of at least 18% body weight (we'll have a scale), a headlamp and clothes to get wet and dirty in. You will be provided with limited food and drinks after every lap is completed, but you're encouraged to bring your own water and nutrition to use during the short break in between laps. Ruck laps will typically be in laps 2, 4 and parts of 5 depending on the event.

Those who make it to the end (people have and will quit) will receive the coveted red R patch and the rare honor that only the elite get to share in Team Regiment. Regiment Elites are also qualified to enter occasional race entry giveaways, discounts to future T3s and exclusive discounts elsewhere. Nobody has said this was easy, but everybody has said it was worth it.

Here is the rest of what you need to know:

Here is the rest of what you need to know:

Where:  Woodside Village Recreation Center.  Orlando, FL.
Who: Max of 20 per event.  First come first serve.
When: 7:30am until 11:30pm, or however long it takes to get everything done.
Cost: $45 (Regiment Elite get $5 off)

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This swarm will be held at: Woodside Village Recreation Center
Orlando , FL , United States .

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